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Stepback Leadership Front Back Cover
Stepback Leadership Front Back Cover

About the Stepback Leadership Book

Two thousand years ago, our Filipino ancestors built the rice terraces out of the Cordillera Mountains in northern Philippines with nothing but their hands, their ingenuity, and their strong sense of community. They used no machinery, no heavy equipment, no technology. Over hundreds of years they carved out the mountains just using basic primitive wood-and-rock tools and nothing else.

Comparing this stunning man-made structure with what we know today as the other Wonders of the Ancient World, many of which were built by either salaried skilled workers or slaves on orders by individual reigning rulers, the hand-made Ifugao Rice Terraces stand out because they were constructed by freemen driven only by a deep sense of collectivism, trust, collaboration, and humanity.

No single leader was ever identified for their creation because as it turned out, the people themselves were collectively the leader.

This book will guide you as you travel back in time to rediscover Stepback Leadership, an ancient Filipino leadership style that might just solve the modern challenges in leading and managing people even in our own time.

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About Lloyd Luna

LLOYD ABRIA LUNA, the first and only Filipino to represent the Philippines in a global speakers summit, is a productivity humorist, global keynote expert, and originator of the Stepback Leadership principle. He has been an Asian motivational speaker for over 10 years, delivering an average of 120 inspirational speeches annually. He has authored 16 books and is a radio and television talk-show host, songwriter, publisher, and serial entrepreneur.

The youngest board member of the Global Speakers Federation, which has 15 member-countries worldwide including the Philippines, Lloyd is the founder and president of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers.

As author and originator of Stepback Leadership, Lloyd teaches how trust, collaboration, and humanity can greatly affect performance and productivity. Using his in-depth study of the building of the 2,000-year-old Ifugao Rice Terraces, which has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lloyd believes that great leaders are shaped and defined by three crucial steps they make for their people or constituents: (1) stepping in to inspire, teach, and equip them; (2) stepping back to empower, grow, and permit them to perform enjoyably on their own; and (3) stepping out to look for new opportunities and set another direction and destination for them. He argues that these three steps are founded mainly on trust, collaboration, and humanity.

Lloyd is the president of LLOYDLUNA Communications, the parent company of Umbrella Speakers, Scroll Publishing, Skybell Clothing, and Peaches Music. He is the founder of the Registered Speaking Professional Institute of the Philippines, a certifying body that gives RSP designation to qualified professional speakers in the country.

Lloyd has been a resource speaker in over 1,000 conventions, conferences, and seminars, has appeared in over 200 media interviews, and has spoken on leadership to personnel of several major global companies worldwide, to key managers and staff of Philippine government agencies, and to students and faculty of various Philippine universities and colleges.

For his work as motivational speaker, Lloyd has been conferred scores of awards over the years, among them the Collegiate Ambassador for Peace award in South Korea and the 2010 SM Supermarket Brand Ambassador award. At age 31, he was nominated for the 2013 Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines award.